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Breeding Koi - The Japanese Way

The long awaited 5 title in this brilliant series. Another group of Koi Keepers showing their pond and wonderfull fish. A must....

Breeding Koi - The Japanese Way

Follow the staff from Saki Koi Farm in all aspects of Breeding Koi - the Japanese Way

The All Japan Show

WOW! This is the best DVD produced by Nik and the team at New Vision to date. The all Japan is by far the largest Koi show on the planet with absolutely stunning Nishikigoi. The whole show is covered from these living jewels arrving to the Judging and then the winners (the top five Koi being worth over AUD $675,000.00

Hiroshima Dreaming

A look at the southern Japanese Koi farms and in Particular Sakai Fish farm winners of 3 All Japan Shows in the last 6 years. This DVD is very informative with very good photography and commentary by Nik at New Vision. Well worth a watch if only to see a 1.1m monster

MASTER CLASS - Starting out

Starting out is an hour long informative film that introduces all would be Koi Keepers to the mysteries of keeping koi. Presented by Nick Fletcher. Produced by the good people at Koi Carp Magazine.

Varieties of Koi

Learning the correct Japanese names for Koi, and the classifications they are judged in, can seem very daunting. This video not only explains how certain varieties are categorised but also shows you various examples from the All Japan show.

Nishikigoi - the Movie

A totally unique, enthralling insiders view of the very heart of Nishikigoi culture, the movie chronicles the Autumn Koi hunting adventures of the incomparable Peter Waddington.

Springtime in KOI Land

In this highly enjoyable and informative programme, we take an in-depth look at Niigata in the springtime, when the finest koi breeders in the world prepare for another busy season of producing koi.


This programme follows a team of professional pond builders as they construct a system designed specifically to house Koi.


There can be little doubt that an entire generation of Koi enthusiasts have been moved and inspired by the classic and internationally renowned series of video programmes that is KOI - The Living Jewels.

Everything You Every Wanted to Know About KOI

Many people believe that a vast array of equipment and knowledge is required, together with a very deep pocket. This video will completely explode those myths, and show that a fully operational, efficient Koi pond system is within the reach of everyone.

Hands On Healthcare For Koi

Throughout this intensive, one hour programme, Bernice Brewster discusses many areas of Koi healthcare and demonstrates many things on camera including:


New Vision are proud to present "The Koi Keepers", an in-depth look at hobbyists and their own pond systems. The programme discusses many aspects of the hobby and features on-screen interviews with the keepers themselves, as they bowl for you some of their koi.

Reference Description Price
KKV1 The Koi Keepers vol 1 $39.95
KKV2 The Koi Keepers vol 2 $39.95
KKV3 The Koi Keepers vol 3 $39.95
KKV4 The Koi Keepers vol 4 $39.95
HOHC Hands on Healthcare for Koi $39.95
EYEW Everything you ever wanted to know about koi $39.95
LJUC The Living Jewels Ultimate Collection $44.95
PKP Project Koi Pond $44.95
STIKL Springtime in Koi Land $44.95
NTM Nishikigoi the Movie (the Niigata Journey) $44.95
KOIVAR Koi Varieties DVD $39.95
MCSO MASTER CLASS - Starting out $39.95
HD Hiroshima Dreaming $39.95
AJS The All Japan Show $39.95
BK Breeding Koi $39.95
KK5 Koi Keepers 5 $39.95