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Floating Basket / Containment Net

Imported from Koi Net Supplies in the UK. These floating containment nets are great value for money and are very helpfull to keep fish away from the rest of the heard for treating / inspection.

EA Nets and Handles

These are the by far the best quality nets available in Australia. The Net Head (and handles) are anodised aluminum constructed and available in 45cm, 64cm and 80cm sizes. Handles are available in 150cm, 250cm, 350cm and 4 meter lengths. Each handle comes with rubber hand non-slip grips for comfort and grip. The Net head attaches to the handle via 4 (marine grade) 316 stainless steel screws. The beauty of this system is that you can attach any size of net head to any pole length.

Koi Measuring Bowl

This Measuring bowl is made from Fibreglass and is top quality imported from and made in the Uk. Exclusive to Aussie Koi.

Available with optional cover net (w/o Zip)

90cm Koi Bowl

90cm Blue Koi Bowl. Great quality imported from England.
Shown with optional cover net (w Zip)

70cm Koi Bowl

70cm Blue Koi Bowl. Great quality

Shown with optional cover net (w Zip)

Reference Description Price
Bowl 70 70cm Koi Bowl $134.95
Bowl 90 90cm koi Bowl $164.95
Gmbowl F/Glass Measuring Bowl $189.95
Gmbowlnet Measuring Bowl Net $34.95
Bnet90 90cm Bowl Net $39.95
Bnet70 70cm Bowl Net $34.95
Bowlme Measuring Tub $149.95
EANET45 EA Net head 45cm $89.95
EANET64 EA Net Head 64cm $119.95
EANET80 EA Net Head 80cm $169.95
EAP150 EA Handle 150cm $59.95
EAP250 EA Handle 250cm $89.95
EAP350 EA Handle 350cm $119.95
EAP400 EA Handle 400cm $139.95
EAKS EA Sock Net 120cm $49.95
KNSFBL Floating Basket Large $69.95
KNSFBS Floating Basket Small $54.95
KNSWKS Waterproof Koi Sock $79.95
KNSKS10 KNS Koi Sock 10" $39.95
KNSKS16 KNSKS16 $64.95