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Evolution Aqua Nexus

By using all of Evolution Aqua?s knowledge and experience in product design and development as well as manufacturing and engineering, the Nexus Filtration System revolutionises the way ponds are filtered. The Nexus is a cleverly combined mechanical and biological filter creating an effective, high performance filtration system delivering superb water quality and clarity for ponds from 4,500 to 34,000 litres

The Nexus is the first filtration system that can be tailored to provide all fish keepers and pond enthusiasts with unbeatable performance at affordable prices.

The standard system consists of a primary settlement vortex which then up flows through an efficient filter block before entering the biological stage, which consists of the Kaldnes Moving Bed? Process. Kaldnes has been proven to be many times more efficient than static media. It is by using this process that we have been able to achieve a smaller footprint. For the user who wants the ultimate performance, the unit can be upgraded at any time to include the revolutionary Answer mechanical filter. As Peter Waddington, author of Koi Kichi said, "Quite simply the most amazing pond invention I?ve seen in my life. It will revolutionise fish keeping as we know it."

Kaldnes ?Moving Bed? Process?, exclusive to Evolution Aqua is included within the Nexus. This uniquely designed media provides amazing water quality and clarity, especially when it has reached full maturity. Kaldnes bio-media is maintenance free allowing the biomass to fully mature, which maximises its effectiveness and creates constant parameters.

Nexus is designed to accept future add-on's, for example, auto-purge and digital parameter readout.

download nexus 300 brochure

download nexus 200 brochure

Reference Description Price
NEXUS300G Nexus 300 - Gravity Fed $3938.00
NEXUS300P Nexus 300 - Pump Fed $3938.00
OP410/300 Orifice Plate - Nexus 300/410 $48.30
LID 300 Lid - Nexus 300 $269.50
NEXUS200G Nexus 200 - Gravity Fed $2706.00
NEXUS200P Nexus 200 - Pump Fed $2706.00
OP325/300 Orifice Plate - Nexus 300/325 $48.30
OP325/200 Orifice Plate - Nexus 200/325 $48.30
LID 200 Lid - Nexus 200 $269.50
FOAMC Foam Cyclinder for Nexus $91.97
FOAMB Foam Block for Nexus - pump fed only $22.97